The Challenges of COVID-19 Operations

Managing social distancing compliance within public spaces presents unique challenges. Facilities do not have enough physical space to allow appropriate distancing between people scheduled on a typical day. Walk-in traffic for unscheduled activities such as filings or payments are unpredictable, presenting additional safety and compliance challenges.

AgileGov’s InQueue provides a flexible tool for staff to manage the physical movement of patrons into and within the facility. It consists of three major components:

  1. Virtual queues,

  2. Patron Roster, and,

  3. Text message notifications

Virtual Queues

A virtual queue is created for each point of service – a destination within the facility where a patron might go to conduct business – such as a license bureau, a courtroom, a filing office, or service window. A virtual queue can optionally be configured with a predefined path, or set of waypoints, a patron is directed between in order to reach the point of service. Examples of waypoints include a lobby, a waiting area, or a conference room.

Patron Roster

The roster provides the list of patrons scheduled for that day, sourced via integration with the case management system. Walk-in patrons and their desired service point destination are added to the roster as they arrive by staff equipped with mobile devices – tablets or mobile phones.

Text Message Notifications

Upon checking in, the patron’s presence is recorded in InQueue and he or she immediately receives a text message confirmation. The patron receives additional instructive text messages when it is their turn to enter the facility or proceed to the next stop along the path to their destination. Access to a personal “my place in queue” webpage allows each patron to monitor their progress.


Health and Safety of Staff and Patrons

InQueue facilitates social distancing compliance by notifying patrons to proceed only when there is sufficient space for them. Staff maintain visibility to patron locations and can alter the queue order based on real-time needs.

Secure in the Microsoft Cloud

InQueue is a secure, Microsoft cloud-hosted application that can be configured and deployed rapidly. Security is assured by Microsoft’s array of security tools, including end to end encryption of application data.

Easy, Pay-As-You-Go Subscription

InQueue is offered on a monthly subscription basis plus a nominal one-time set-up expense. AgileGov provides turnkey planning, implementation and ongoing support services. 

What We Do

What We Do

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